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Birthday Feast #3: Roli Roti Porchetta & Roast Pork Loin Sliders w/caramelized onions

April 13, 2012 3 comments

Porchetta & Pork Loin Sliders w/Caramelized Onions

This is where the pictures get even more incomplete! Above are some sliders I made with a mix of leftover porchetta, roast pork and caramelized onions the next day for hangover lunch. If I had arugula, I would have added that too.

If you’ve never had a Roli Roti sandwich before, get yourself to San Francisco’s Ferry Building on a Saturday for one–yummy roast pork belly wrapped around pork tenderloin and spices with arugula and caramelized onions on a crusty roll. They published their recipe for porchetta a few months ago, but at 7 lbs of meat, it was definitely something I needed guests to help me finish. Through some miscommunication with the butcher at the Asian market who didn’t speak the same language as me, my 5 lb piece of pork belly came in two pieces and my 2 lbs of pork tenderloin also came in two pieces, which resulted in a bit of a franken-pork roast. Compounded by the fact that I’ve never tied meat before, it was a bit messy (but it was fine): Read more…


Vietnamese Grilled Pork Salad

September 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Vietnamese Grilled Pork (Thit Nuong) Salad

We’re trying to eat healthy around here, which means a lot of fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market. This salad is an amalgam of leftovers from previous meals during the week: Vietnamese grilled pork, roasted mushrooms and Chinese chicken salad dressing. In addition to all that, we have colorful, small heirloom tomatoes and roasted baby squash on top of arugula. As you can tell, we’re eating a lot of arugula right now…I like the spicy bite and its a nice change from our usual spinach. I’ve also been making our own dressings: I like knowing exactly what is in my dressing, no gums or other things I can’t pronounce. Read more…

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Bo Ssam sliders & Paso Robles

August 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Bo Ssam Sliders

In addition to the fried rice previously described, we used the bo ssam leftovers to make pulled pork sliders. I bought brioche mini buns from Draeger’s, warmed up the bo ssam, squirted some gochujang on the meat, and topped it with Vietnamese do chua (pickled carrots & daikon). On the side were some sliced dill pickles, a recipe I am still perfecting. Last night, I tried Andrew Zimmern’s recipe…I’ll know the results in a few days! Read more…

Bo Ssam (from David Chang of Momofuku)

August 13, 2011 5 comments

Momofuku's Bo Ssam

For my birthday, I had originally wanted to go to Incanto for the Leg of Beast dinner. A week before, I changed my mind and decided to cook my own hunk of beast at home for friends and family: 10.5 lbs of pork shoulder slow roasted in the oven and served with rice, lettuce, oysters, ginger scallion sauce, hot sauce and kimchee. This meal looks complicated but it is surprisingly easy, incredibly delicious and very interactive. Guests make their own lettuce cups and because dishes are being passed around to share, it feels kind of like Thanksgiving (or when my family did “make your own spring rolls” for dinner growing up). Read more…

Green Chile Enchiladas

July 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Green Chile Enchiladas

I’m getting better at staring into our pantry for inspiration. I had anaheim chiles and corn tortillas in the fridge and a portion of pork chile verde in the freezer. I picked up some cotijo cheese and some of Rick Bayless’ Green Chile Enchilada Sauce (found at Whole Foods). Though I’ve never made enchiladas before (nor do I ever order them), but my friend made them once for dinner over ten years ago.

I only had enough pork chile verde for 3 enchiladas, so I stuffed the other two with slices of roasted anaheim chiles and cotija cheese. Since I had leftover chunks of roasted chiles, I stuffed those with cheese and tucked those into the pan as well. Finally, I sliced some yellow squash for extra vegetables. Next time, I would shred the yellow squash and add it to the stuffing. Breakfast enchiladas (scrambled eggs, chorizo & zuchini?) would probably be good too!

Once everything was assembled, I poured the enchilada sauce (which matched perfectly with my chile verde) over the top, sprinkled on some cheese and baked it in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 375F.

Green Chile Enchiladas
Right before I put it in the oven

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Bacon, Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Sandwich

July 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Bacon, Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Sandwich

This was a clean out the fridge type of sandwich: whole wheat bread toasted with bacon left over from the corn muffins, fresh mozzarella left over from the pizza, heirloom tomatoes from the farmer’s market, fresh basil from my plant and a smidge of wasabi mayo.

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July 8, 2011 1 comment


It is sort of a calzone but with an empanada-like filling! A new empanada place opened up in the Mission which inspired me to use leftover whole wheat pizza dough from the freezer (moved into the fridge the morning of) to make my own version. I had intended for them to be a bit smaller but they turned out closer to the size of a calzone than an empanada. Read more…