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Eggplant Lasagna Bolognese

September 6, 2013 Leave a comment

Eggplant Lasagna Bolognese

Eggplants are plentiful at the farmer’s market and I was craving lasagna but didn’t want to eat or make heavy pasta. I remembered an eggplant lasagna I’d winged a while back and figured it was time to improve upon the recipe. I had some time, so I made a batch of the tasty bolognese recipe from Smitten Kitchen the day before I wanted to assemble and bake. I tried a different method of oven-baking eggplant which I also prepped the day before–and what resulted was a light but hearty (as in it will fill you up but it won’t sit like a gut bomb) eggplant-based lasagna that is leagues better than what I did before.

When I got home from work, I just reheated the bolognese, layered my eggplant slices with cheese, sauce and grilled veggies (portobello mushrooms, roasted red/yellow peppers, summer squash). Next time, I need to remember to use my deeper lasagna pan instead of my Pyrex 9×11…it all barely fit.  Read more…

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