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Khao Soi: Northern Thai Curry Chicken Noodles

May 30, 2012 2 comments

Khao Soi

It has been a busy month of travel (both for work and fun) so I have a lot of catching up to do.

One of the most unforgettable dishes I had when I visited Thailand in 2009 was Khao Soi, a specialty from the northern city of Chiang Mai. It is a soup dish that consists of egg noodles with chicken stewed in a coconut curry base topped with crunchy fried noodles, pickled mustard greens, cilantro and lime. Other variations that I saw included bean sprouts and fresh shallots. One of my favorite things about Thai and Vietnamese dishes is the complex and juxtaposed flavors and textures: hot and cold, soft and crunchy, fresh and pickled, spicy, sour and sweet.

Below are pictures of two amazing bowls I had in Chiang Mai: Read more…

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