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Cinnamon Snap Cookies

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Cinnamon Snap Cookies

Across the street from our neighborhood bar, there’s a bakery that sells super delicious cinnamon snap cookies. However, they cost $1.25 per small, albeit appropriately sized, cookie. Because I find myself thinking more and more like my mom, I balked at the price (though I truly do understand the high costs of doing business in San Francisco). I figured I could make dozens of cookies myself for a fraction of the price that were just as good…and I was right!

If you love gingersnaps, you’ll also love cinnamon snaps (recipe from Simply Recipes).  The dough is easy to put together, doesn’t require any specialty ingredients and freezes quite well. My log wasn’t very uniform…in fact it kind of looks like a turd, but I assure you it tastes much, much better! Though my frozen dough slices weren’t round, the cookies came out of the oven a little roundish (aka just fine). Keep an eye on your cookies as they bake because they seem to burn more easily than other cookies.

Cinnamon Snap Cookies

Cinnamon Snap Cookies

Cinnamon Snap Cookies

Oh, and if you haven’t been to Mission Pie yet, you should! We had an amazing peach blackberry pie last week on our way home from the SF Street Food festival

Peach blackberry pie from mission pie

…where we had an amazing porchetta sandwich from Flour + Water:

Porcetta Sandwich from Flour + Water at sf st food festival

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