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Intolerance Chocolate Milk Stout & Tofu Poke

Thirty Sanchez's Intolerance Chocolate Milk StoutThirty Sanchez Brewing’s Intolerance Milk Stout

The Intolerance Chocolate Milk Stout is our 5th batch of homebrew…and its awesome! While I love our Berserker Breakfast Stout (a Founders clone) this one is a close second and definitely is on par with Left Hand’s Milk Stout, my inspiration for this batch. We added a bottle of chocolate liquer for some chocolatey flavor (for the Berserker we added Ghirardelli cocoa powder) and lactose/milk sugars for the milky dimension. I am proud of how this one turned out!

Unfortunately, stouts aren’t the best to drink on a really hot day so we won’t be sharing it this weekend. We’ll have to wait until the weather cools down…which it will…because we’re in San Francisco. What’s next? I’m feeling a lemongrass wheat or a coconut brown ale.

Homebrewing Milk StoutHomebrewing is a multi-step process which involves a lot of grains

Berserker Breakfast StoutBottling takes some time too…we don’t have a kegging system

Oh, and the tofu poke! We had a big breakfast (scrambled eggs made with leftover pizza toppings) so we opted for a light lunch: tofu poke and some fresh peaches. I cubed a whole package of firm tofu, sprinkled in the poke mix and drizzled on some sesame oil. Light and easy! Next time, I would leave out some of the salt from the poke package.

Tofu Poke

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