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Moussaka, Take Two


Its been a little hectic around here. Though I’ve been cooking, I haven’t had as much time to post. A few weeks ago, I was really craving moussaka and none of the Greek restaurants on the peninsula (where I work) could scratch that itch. San Francisco only has a handful of Greek restaurants, none of them convenient to where we live (Chicago, I miss you!), so I took matters into my own hands.

The last time I made moussaka, it turned out a little drier than I had hoped. This time around, I worked off of this recipe from Simply Recipes. I sliced and roasted the eggplant rather than dredge, batter & bake which resulted in moist & mushy eggplant (which I wanted). I liked the flavor of the meat sauce from the last moussaka better but liked the moistness of this meat sauce because I added a 14 oz can of crushed tomatoes to everything. My bechamel was a bit runny but that was better than last time’s thick glue. I had some sort of greek sheep’s milk cheese from Berkeley Bowl and didn’t get a chance to shred it (the grater was in the dishwasher) so it looks a little chunky on top. This recipe also calls for boiled sliced potatoes, which made things a little TOO squishy for my tastes. I would go back to the fried potato coins from last time for a little more texture and a much better taste.

So all in all, I would use the meat sauce (adding a 14 oz can of tomatoes) and potato instructions from Emeril’s recipe and the bechamel and eggplant instructions from Simply Recipes. I put everything in my Le Creuset casserole dish and it was the perfect size for all the layers! Last time, I used a 9×11 pyrex, which was a little too shallow and I didn’t get all the layers I wanted down…had to handle overflow in a loaf pan.

Moussaka also freezes well. I put some in a tupperware and when I want to eat it, I just heat it up in the microwave.



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