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Long beans w/garlic & oyster sauce

Chinese long beans

We did some grocery shopping in my old neighborhood, the Inner Richmond, last weekend. I picked up a bundle of long beans since I needed a vegetable and had never cooked them myself before. I cleaned and chopped them into uniform(ish) segments so they would cook evenly. I sauteed 2 cloves of garlic with some olive oil before throwing in the beans. Once the beans started to cook, I drizzled oyster sauce to taste.

These beans were awesome–sweet, salty, crispy and fresh. They seemed to take a bit longer to cook than regular green beans but maintained their crispness. One thing I really hate is overcooked, soggy vegetables. It is no wonder to me that some people hate vegetables. They’ve just never had them cooked well.

While I was home alone last week, I warmed up some Belizean chicken stew and ate this entire serving of long beans. I could eat a whole bowl of these on their own for dinner.

Chinese long beans

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