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Lamb Ragu

Hearty Lamb Ragu

Yes, lamb again! I saw this recipe for hearty lamb ragu in Food & Wine and had been craving it for a while. Unfortunately, I travel often for work (since the beginning of the year its been almost a few days a week). On the few days I’m home, I like to spend time with friends and family…I also try to squeeze in a little exercise…which doesn’t leave as much time to cook at home as I would like.

Last Sunday, we got home early from Lake Tahoe so I had some time to make the ragu for the following day. My only adjustments were to add two stalks of diced celery and to swap the pancetta for bacon. On Monday, we had a few friends over for dinner and served the lamb ragu over some whole wheat pasta. Since it is asparagus season, I sauteed some with garlic and butter as our veggie. The next night, we had another bowl of lamb ragu with sauteed cabbage, spinach and garlic on the side. It was amazingly good!

Next time, I would probably add some tomato paste for some extra tomato punch. Lamb chunks aren’t cheap but I would probably add an extra 1/2 lb of meat just to make the ragu a little more meaty.

Hearty Lamb RaguEarly on during the stewing process

Hearty Lamb RaguFlavors starting to meld…

Hearty Lamb RaguServed with some half-shellish (can’t remember what its called) whole wheat pasta

Sauteed Cabbage & SpinachSauteed cabbage, spinach & garlic

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