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Uni Risotto

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Uni Risotto

The first time I tried uni, I hated it. My cousin theorized I had an unfresh batch and urged me to try it again. When I did, I immediately fell in love with the sweet and creamy texture and the light oceany flavor. Several years ago, I had uni risotto at Blue Marlin in LA’s Japantown and loved it. Though I hear the restaurant isn’t as good as it used to be, I still think of the uni risotto often.

Since I have mastered risotto, I thought I would try my hand at uni risotto. White onions in the base and no garlic; sake instead of white wine. I used some leftover seafood broth supplemented with hon dashi. I bought two small rafts of uni. To integrate the uni flavor into the risotto, I blended a small raft of uni (7-8 pieces) with some broth. The second raft went directly on top of the finished risotto with a few sprinkles of furikake.

The final product had a mac n cheese hue. Next time, I probably need to at least double the amount of uni used in order to get a stronger uni flavor.

Uni Risotto

Uni risotto

Uni Risotto

I could easily eat a whole raft of uni on its own…and I have.

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