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Short Rib Chili

Short Rib Chili

Although it was an unseasonably warm weekend here in San Francisco (70s!), the Superbowl just isn’t complete without a bowl of chili. However, since we’d just made a batch of regular chili a few weeks ago, I thought we’d try short rib chili. I couldn’t find a good recipe but since I’d just made ragu and have made short ribs in the past, I could figure out how to cook the meat and use my regular chili recipe.

I browned 3 lbs. of thick sliced short ribs from the Korean market, sauteed the vegetables (including 1 carrot & 2 celery stalks) and threw everything (including a can of green chiles) into a slow cooker with one of our last bottles of porter from our first ever batch of homebrew. I kept everything on low overnight, shredded the meat in the morning and we had chili! To get it even more tender, I left the slow cooker on most of the day. We had leftover diced serranos, tomatoes and garlic from Joel’s guacamole so we threw that into the mix at some point too.

I know…chili isn’t supposed to have carrots and celery, but I figured I’d sneak some veggies in. Later this week, we’ll probably have chili mac for dinner!

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  1. Tom
    February 7, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    at least you didn’t stick turkey in there!

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