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Miso Cod w/Soba

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Miso Cod w/soba

I love the black cod with miso at Japanese restaurants–salty, sweet and buttery.

We had a few pieces of cod in the freezer left over from the ginger miso cod so we had some cod with miso over soba noodles. The recipe is incredibly simple but I managed to bungle it…and it still came out tasting great! I used red miso paste and didn’t realize I needed to warm up/caramelize the glaze until I had already thrown all of the ingredients into a ziploc bag to marinate in the fridge. I marinated on Monday night and we cooked this on Thursday night…I was a bit worried about spoilage but everything was fine!

I served it over a bed of soba noodles (one bundle for the two of us would have been enough) with a side of Korean marinated bean sprouts. After I took the picture, I poured a little bit of soba noodle soup base over the noodles which helped tie everything together.

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Uni Risotto

February 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Uni Risotto

The first time I tried uni, I hated it. My cousin theorized I had an unfresh batch and urged me to try it again. When I did, I immediately fell in love with the sweet and creamy texture and the light oceany flavor. Several years ago, I had uni risotto at Blue Marlin in LA’s Japantown and loved it. Though I hear the restaurant isn’t as good as it used to be, I still think of the uni risotto often.

Since I have mastered risotto, I thought I would try my hand at uni risotto. White onions in the base and no garlic; sake instead of white wine. I used some leftover seafood broth supplemented with hon dashi. I bought two small rafts of uni. To integrate the uni flavor into the risotto, I blended a small raft of uni (7-8 pieces) with some broth. The second raft went directly on top of the finished risotto with a few sprinkles of furikake.

The final product had a mac n cheese hue. Next time, I probably need to at least double the amount of uni used in order to get a stronger uni flavor.

Uni Risotto

Uni risotto

Uni Risotto

I could easily eat a whole raft of uni on its own…and I have.

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Ham & Split Pea Soup

February 23, 2011 1 comment

Ham & Split Pea Soup

I love split pea soup. Whenever I drive down to LA, I have to make a stop at Pea Soup Anderson’s. Honestly, they have the freshest pea soup in the middle of nowhere!

Several years ago, I made a split pea soup that gave everyone the worst gas on the planet, so I never made it again. However, I had a Honeybaked ham bone left over from Thanksgiving in my freezer and thought I’d give split pea soup another try. I used this recipe and just added two cloves of minced garlic…I have no idea how much ham was still on the bone…either way it was super delicious…and no gas!

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Thai Sausage Sandwich

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Thai Sausage Sandwich

Whenever our local butcher shop, Drewes Brothers, has thai sausage we pick some up. They’re not as good as the street sausages I had in Thailand but they’re good enough. My meat grinder just arrived so maybe I’ll copy Tom and try to make my own thai sausage soon.

We also picked up some hoagie rolls (that kind of remind me of the Burger King chicken sandwich) to make sausage sandwiches. I shredded some carrots and quick pickled them with mirin, sugar and sesame oil. My sandwich had pate, Joel added wasabi mayo to his and we both had avocado. I pan fried the sausages, sliced them down the middle and laid them flat on the toasted buns.

Thai Sausage Sandwich

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Ginger miso cod with glass noodles in miso-shiitake broth

February 17, 2011 1 comment

Ginger-miso cod with noodles and miso-shitaake broth

Our Valentine’s Day dinner: Alaskan miso cod in a miso broth with shiitake mushrooms, orange cauliflower, spinach and glass noodles. I’ve made a version of this before but used red miso paste instead of instant miso this time. We have some leftover cod in the freezer so I will probably make miso black cod soon. Though it may appear otherwise, we’re making a conscious effort to eat less meat…we’ve even had a few vegan/vegetarian (thai green curry, black bean tofu stir fry) that I didn’t document.

The one thing I hate about cooking fish is that our hood vent isn’t great so the house smells fishy afterwards. When I was a kid, I thought she was crazy but my mom was on to something when she set up an outdoor kitchen.

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Whiskey Chicken Liver Pate

February 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Whiskey Chicken Liver Pate

For my family’s Tet celebration last weekend, I brought pate, cheese and sliced baguettes. I grew up eating a lot of pate and several years ago, my parents sent me a recipe for Vietnamese pate that I never got around to making…until now. I pulled out the recipe but one of the ingredients was indecipherable (the only translation was fog…I asked my aunt who originally sent the recipe and she had no idea either!) So I found a simple recipe online.

Adjustments: I don’t drink bourbon but I do drink whiskey so used that instead. Next time, I would at least double (maybe even triple) the black pepper and add a pinch more salt. Vietnamese pate is very peppery and I missed that flavor in this version.

It makes quite a bit of pate…we had about 40 people over and a little over half of that container was eaten. I also had a small container at home.

p.s. It kind of made my dishwasher smell like wet dog but the taste is worth it! Read more…

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Banh Trung

February 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Banh Trung

I didn’t make this, but I ate it! This is banh trung, which is like the Vietnamese fruit cake of Tet. If you visit anyone or they visit you, this square rice brick wrapped in banana leaf is exchanged. My parents used to make these themselves, steaming dozens in a giant makeshift kettle (a metal garbage can) over a fire in our backyard to give to their friends. That doesn’t happen anymore but my dad still gave me one when I stopped by last week.

Banh trung is basically pork belly, mung bean and sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf and steamed. Growing up, my mom would cut a hunk, microwave it and serve it with a side of sugar. Once, I saw my uncle pan fry it and have preferred that method ever since. You get a crisp outside and a warm gooey inside. My dad also gave us some gio (steamed pork cake) which I served on the side.

Happy new year!

Banh Trung

Banh Trung


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