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More Eating on the Road

Tortas Frontera @ ORDCochinita Pibil (pulled pork) Torta from Tortas Frontera @ O’Hare

I’ve been on the road a lot lately which means not much cooking at home. The few days when I am home, I’m making a lot of stuff you’ve seen before. Last week I drove through Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana by way of St. Louis and Chicago airports.

Hooray for not crappy airport food! Chicago’s Rick Bayless just opened Tortas Frontera at O’Hare (right next to gate B10 in terminal 1–if you fly United you’ll certainly walk by it). The tortas are pretty much what he serves at Xoco, his torta shop downtown. But now I don’t have to brave the lines downtown! I can just grab it on my way out of Chicago.

I had a mango lime juice, pulled pork sandwich, side salad and large water for $24 (airport prices!). Everything is sourced locally–there’s a board that prominently displays where everything comes from. Service was smooth and while I was eating, Rick Bayless himself stopped in to check in on his restaurant which opened less than a week prior. In the future, I would skip the $4 cup of salad that was grossly overdressed, but the fresh squeezed juice (mango lime!) and the tortas are totally worth it.

Tortas Frontera @ ORD

Tortas Frontera @ ORD

Roadside BBQ in Paducah, Kentuckypulled pork lunch plate w/potato salad and coleslaw from a roadside stand in Paducah, KY

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