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Hot Italian Giardiniera & “Italian Beef”

A growler full of spicy gardiniera

I didn’t really know what giardiniera was until I moved to Chicago, where this spicy, pickly, crunchy concoction is served on everything…sandwiches, pizzas, hot dogs…whatever you want but giardiniera is ubiquitous. On the West Coast, people have no idea what this amazing stuff is and it isn’t really available. Luckily, in California we have all of the fresh produce available to make it at home.

I found this recipe for hot italian giardiniera on allrecipes.com which made enough to fit perfectly in a growler from Half Acre Beer Company. My notes and modifications:

  • I only used half an onion and ended up picking most of them out after the salting stage because I don’t like raw onions. I’d skip that entirely next time
  • I doubled the carrots & celery because I love carrots and had a lot of celery sitting around. I’d probably double the cauliflower next time too.
  • I misread the recipe and only bought 5 jalapenos but it certainly could accommodate the full amount without being too spicy. I would chop rather than slice them next time as well.

The debut of the giardiniera happened on a faux Italian Beef sandwich (the quintissential Chicago sandwich). Faux because we used deli roast beef instead of hot dripping oven roasted beef. Melted provolone cheese on top of a toasty Colombo sweet roll with a healthy dose of giardiniera on top and we had a delicious sandwich! We’ll also be using giardiniera to roast cauliflower in the future as well. Joel’s been eating it as a crunchy side to Thai curries and Chinese scallion pancakes!

"Italian Beef"

"Italian Beef"

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