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Dungeness Crab Rolls

Hand-Picked Dungeness Crab Rolls

I’ve been craving lobster rolls, but I couldn’t find any live lobster despite visiting two seafood markets. However, it is crab season here so I picked up two dungeness crabs for about $14 ($3.99/lb). I was hoping to avoid crab since it takes so long to pick but it was my 5th day off in a row and I didn’t have anything else to do.

After putting the live crabs in the freezer to slow them down, I washed them in the sink and steamed them for about twenty minutes in a mixture of Dogfish Head Chicory Stout, vinegar and 2 bay leaves. After an ice bath, I spent an hour picking the meat from the crab (and sneaking a few bites along the way). I also warned Joel this would probably never happen again…after this break I am traveling for work quite a bit, which means back to less time, less cooking and sporadic posts.

Hand-Picked Dungeness Crab RollsThis is how much meat two crabs yields

Hand-Picked Dungeness Crab RollsCrab salad

With two crabs (~3.5 lbs) I ended up with enough meat for about 2.3 crab rolls. I made the crab salad with a simple mixture of regular and wasabi kewpie mayonnaise (favoring the wasabi), chopped celery, fresh ground pepper, sea salt and a squeeze of lemon. I put the crab salad on top of warm toasted Colombo sweet rolls and served it with a side of celery sticks. A wonderful treat for lunch that would normally cost at least twice as much elsewhere.

Hand-Picked Dungeness Crab Rolls

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