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Slow Cooker Sunday Sauce

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Sunday Simmer Sauce

Last week, we had dinner at our neighborhood Sardinian restaurant, La Ciccia, and really enjoyed their beef ragu & rigatoni. I saw this recipe in Food & Wine for slow cooker Sunday sauce and it reminded me of the ragus we’ve had at La Ciccia. Though I don’t have a pasta maker of my own, I knew I could make a meaty ragu just like theirs. It was so delicious, I purposely overate! I rarely cook rich foods but this was totally worth it. I loved the carrots and added two stalks of chopped celery that were about to be tossed.

I wish I’d had whole wheat rigatoni or penne in the pantry, but rotelle was a good way to capture all that sauce. In the future, I would use 2lbs rather than 3lbs of pork. I found the recipe as written to be too much meat and not enough sauce. I ended up adding an extra can of tomatoes (after the photos were taken) so that I the ratio was more to my liking. Half of the sauce went into the freezer for another time and the rest went into our bellies over the course of a few days!

Sunday Simmer Sauce

Sunday Simmer Sauce

La Ciccia also serves spaghetti & bottarga which I first saw Anthony Bourdain eat and knew I would loooooove. When I get a chance, I’m going to make mentaiko spaghetti, the Japanese version of the same dish.  I had planned on making it this weekend but the Asian market I went to didn’t have mentaiko so I will have to pick some up next time I go to the Japanese market.

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