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Peterson Winery & Kitchen Sink Ragu

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Sonoma weekend

We spent last weekend relaxing at a beautiful vineyard estate in Sonoma, which meant we came home with a case of wine from Peterson Winery. I have been a longtime fan of this winery for many reasons. They make great tasting yet affordable wines. Their pinot noir (which they don’t make anymore) was the first wine I tasted and really enjoyed (after a lifetime of drinking $4 swill from Trader Joe’s). They’re family run: Fred started the whole operation and now his son Jamie is the winemaker. Every interaction with them reminds me of how genuine and friendly everyone is at Peterson. One time  several years ago, my friend’s car broke down in front of the tasting room and Jamie hung out with us until AAA came.

Though I had to take a two year hiatus for grad school, I’ve been a member of their wine club (Friends of Fred) for many years now. Its good to be enjoying their wines again. They’re close to their grapes and just very accessible people, which I appreciate. While at the tasting room this past weekend, we smelled something delicious that Fred was eating out front with his brother. Turns out, Jamie had made lamb stew, which he shared with us as well (very tasty, and I’ll need to make something like that when it gets colder…I’ve never cooked lamb before).

We had a little bit of Peterson wine left over from the previous week to cook with and to drink, we opened a fresh bottle of Peterson Sangiovese from our visit with the family over the weekend.

Peterson Winery

I could eat grits every day and we do make them fairly often in place of polenta. The ragu changes depending on what we have lying around. This time, we had farmer’s market tomatoes from the previous week threatening to turn and leftover wine for everything to simmer in. Joel picked up sausages from the butcher and swiss chard and mushrooms from the market. Sauteed everything with onions and garlic and served it over grits made with chicken broth and leftover cheese…a great chilly weeknight dinner.

The next day, I packed the ragu over brown rice for lunch. YUM!

Kitchen sink ragu

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