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(Vegetarian) Thai Red Curry

Red coconut curry over brown rice

One of the first dishes I ever learned to make on my own was red shrimp coconut curry with pineapple. This is basically the same recipe but I no longer stick just to shrimp and pineapple because the curry is so accommodating! On our Saturday trip to the farmer’s market, I found okra (I love okra and would welcome new ideas for cooking it), (a short green) squash, eggplant, tomatoes, thai basil, kaffir lime leaves and shiitake mushrooms. I had half a can of bamboo shoots left in the fridge as well as a package of firm tofu. Cook all of that together with some red curry paste, garlic, coconut milk, brown sugar, a squeeze of lime and a few dashes of fish sauce and you’ve got a curry that goes great over a bed of brown rice!

This curry wasn’t purposefully vegetarian but the produce from the farmer’s market was so good and the tofu absorbs the flavor of the curry so well that I never miss meat in this dish.

Red coconut curry

The curry definitely had a bite so dessert was some young coconut (buka) ice cream from Mitchell’s, which just happens to be around the corner from us, and some chunks of dragonfruit from the farmer’s market. A cool, creamy end to an already coconutty dinner.

Dragonfruit w/buka (young coconut) ice cream

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