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Brown Rice w/mapo tofu, eggplant and ground chicken

Brown rice w/mapo tofu, eggplant and chicken

I’m currently stuck at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport for a much longer period of time than I would care to be–definitely a reality I didn’t miss about the working world.

Anyway, I made this when our stuff was still en route and all we had in the kitchen was borrowed tools from my family. I’d been craving eggplant and I always love tofu, so this was a nice and simple way to combine the two. We live two blocks from a great butcher so Joel picked up a half pound of ground chicken and when I got home from work, I just sauteed everything together with a little spicy bean paste and we had dinner! I would have liked to add something green as a side dish but we wouldn’t have had enough pots to cook them. Instead, we shared a delicious peach for dessert!

Joel’s experiencing his first Indian summer in the Bay Area and we’re taking full advantage by going to the farmer’s market and seeing some Giants baseball and Cal football:

Giants vs. Dbacks

Cal vs. UCLA

Our kitchen is finally unpacked and I am still cooking based on what we find at the farmer’s markets…I just don’t have as much time these days to promptly document everything but hope to get everything up at some point! When I finally get home tonight, I am very much looking forward to the CSA box full of fruit that was delivered to us today.

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