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I lived with a Ukrainian girl for several years and her mom loved to feed people. My roommate often brought home vats of homemade borscht, which is how I developed a taste for the stuff.

I have been craving borscht since June…and the craving was FINALLY satisfied three months later. The travel and transition has made it difficult for me to cook as often as I would like, but I finally got around to it last week in my bare San Francisco kitchen (hooray for California produce!).

Getting this together took a bit of organizing since most of my kitchen was en route from Chicago. Luckily, I have family willing to lend me stuff for the kitchen until my own arrives (it arrived today but I’m currently on the East Coast for work). I’d made borscht once before but vowed never to do it again since it was a 3-day process last time. This time, I took a few shortcuts based on this recipe from Simply Recipes. Its not as good as Tania’s mom’s (who can beat mom’s cooking?) but is a suitable substitute in the interim.

Next time, I would use the mandoline to shred all of my vegetables rather than a rough chop with my knife. I would also season it a little better, but I didn’t have any spices to work with. However, I still like it…warm, cold, hot…its just a tasty soup…even for a girl who generally doesn’t enjoy dill.

Oh, and don’t be alarmed if you see pink in the toilet!

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