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Crawfish Boil

30 lb Batch #1

We hosted a viewing party this past weekend for the US vs England World Cup match for 20+ friends. After the game, we moved to the rooftop to boil 60 lbs of live crawfish flown in that morning from Louisiana (ordered from Louisiana Crawfish Company). I borrowed a huge crawfish kettle from some friends at school who had just hosted a 400 lb. boil over Memorial Day weekend and set up a big folding table with newspapers so everyone could drink Budweisers, peel crawfish and enjoy the potatoes, corn, andouille sausage, mushrooms, garlic and onions also cooked in the spicy broth.

It was a very fun way to spend the afternoon despite the random sprinkles (we just put raincoats on and continued eating). My fingers were a little sore and cut up after peeling all of that crawfish. I thought eating crab was a lot of labor but crawfish takes the cake!

We used to do crab boils when I lived in San Francisco and if I return to San Francisco, I think we should do a crab and shrimp boil but incorporate some elements from the crawfish boil: mainly the spices, sausage and veggies. Usually, we just steam the crab in beer, but I really did like the spicy seafood boil (which went down really easy with many cans of beer).

60 lbs of crawfish flown in from Louisiana

Prison break

Crawfish Boil

30 lb Batch #1

30 lb Batch #1

30 lb Batch #1

30 lb Batch #1

I also made a pot of red beans and rice, which I’ll show you in my next post!

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