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Argentinian Pizza (kinda)

Argentinian Pizza (sorta)

I had originally intended on making an Indian pizza, a la Zante in San Francisco with some saag paneer from Trader Joe’s. However, Indian food the day before a big interview is probably not a good idea for me. Plus, we still had Argentinian leftovers from El Nandu.

I used this pizza dough recipe from the NY Times substituting whole wheat flour for all-purpose. After rolling out the dough and lightly baking it, we used chimichurri (leftover from El Nandu) as the base and topped the pizza with queso fresco, grilled portabellas & banana squash and the last of the leftovers from El Nandu (cheese-covered fried chicken cutlet and sausage).

El Nandu sent us home with so much chimichurri that Joel used it as salad dressing for his lunch today!

Grilled Squash & PortabellasLightly brushed with olive oil and seasoned with salt & pepper, cooked on a grill pan

Grilled Squash & Portabellas

Grilled Squash & Portabellas

Argentinian Pizzapizza before we put it in the oven

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