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Steamed Artichokes


Growing up in California, I ate a lot of artichokes. When they were in season, my parents would buy them from the farmer’s market and steam them for my brother and I to eat with mayonnaise. I don’t think we ate very much mayonnaise except during artichoke season.

While I’ve eaten plenty of artichokes, I had never prepared one myself. I’d seen my parents trim them and I knew you had to boil/steam them but I didn’t know for how long. Luckily, the internet told me. Since my steamer basket is somewhere in California, I trimmed two artichokes and put them in a few inches of water for 45 minutes with a clove of garlic, a slice of lemon and a bay leaf. I think the seasonings really enhanced the artichoke–it smelled so good as it was cooking! I made sure to turn the artichokes every once in a while so that it would cook evenly.

The artichokes turned out perfectly! I served them with a mixture of light mayo and wasabi mayo. Joel had never had simply steamed artichokes before, but we will definitely be eating them again soon.

Steamed Artichoke

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