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Fish & Pork Tacos w/Green Mango & Jicama Slaw

My plate

Neither of us had any opinions about dinner. We couldn’t think of anywhere inexpensive but relatively healthy to go to and we didn’t really have much in the house to cook with (aside from my emergency pasta sauce in the freezer). However, Joel lives in a neighborhood with plenty of Mexican groceries so after a lot of indecision, we finally came up with fish tacos (yes, you’ve seen this before).

When we got to the market, I picked up some pre-marinated pork adobado (it looked good) and tilapia fillets from the meat counter. Joel gathered ingredients for his world famous guacamole and I wandered around wondering what type of salsa/slaw to make.

Jicama & Green Mango Slaw

I ultimately came up with a green mango and jicama slaw. First, I grabbed the jicama because, while I had grown up eating this as a snack, I had never cut through the root myself. It was time. Right next to the jicama were some unripe mangos, which I figured would add a complementary tartness for the fish. I mandolined the jicama and mangos, squeezed two limes in it, sprinkled in chopped cilantro, and threw in some serranos and jalapenos that we had put in the food processor for the guacamole. I will definitely make this again–bright, fresh and just a little spicy.

GuacamoleJoel’s guacamole is a trade secret

Fish TacoFish tacos: Grilled tilapia fillets seasoned with salt, pepper and chili powder

Pork Adobado TacoPork adobado: Thinly sliced, marinated pork that I cut against the grain after cooking. Could probably use some additional spices next time, as the market we got this from did not season it as well as it looked.

CornElotes…corn season must be approaching because I’m starting to see it around more

His PlateWe also had queso fresco for the tacos

Stay tuned for breakfast tacos–one of the best things about taco night!

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