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Homebrew #1: Kolsch

Home Brew #1: Kolsch

After the successful (guided) brewing and bottling of our first Porter Ale at Bev Art, we thought we would attempt to brew at home. With limited instructions in the kit (a Christmas gift), several foibles (check out the duct tape above) and some advice from the internet, I am hopeful that we will have a good summer beer to drink in a few weeks. Brewing beer really isn’t that difficult. It is just a lot of boiling and stirring…a 5 gallon tub of tea, if you will. However, sanitation is crucial (which made us paranoid) and some of the instruments are confusing for the first time user…especially when there is no illustrated guide included. We had to search around on the internet to find pictures to figure out how certain pieces went together.

Home Brew #1: KolschSanitizing our instruments

Home Brew #1: KolschThe grain bag…which you basically just have to dunk in a boiling pot of water to “steep” for a while

Home Brew #1: KolschSmells like beer! Hopefully it turns into beer…

Home Brew #1: KolschCooling the brew down before putting yeast in

Home Brew #1: Kolsch

KolschNow we’re in our second fermentation (basically in a giant water bottle) and it looks like ABV is about 3.9% (a little lower than standard but still alcoholic!)

Inauguration of Joel's Moveable Feast PorterLast weekend I tried our porter, which Joel has dubbed “A Movable Feast”. Tasty but still needs to sit a little more to carbonate further.

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