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Rick Bayless’ (Halibut) Ceviche


This weekend, I had a friend visiting from out of town. After a long night (dinner at The Publican + drinks before and after), I thought we’d treat our sluggishness with some tortas from Rick Bayless’ new restaurant, Xoco. Through a series of illogical decisions I blame on the after-effects of our previous evening, we ended up at Frontera Grill, another one of RB’s restaurants next door. After righting ourselves with some coconut mojitos, we enjoyed some pretty tasty food, including his trio of ceviches.

On Saturday, after watching the Cubs lose at Wrigley Field, I came home to find that the DVR had recorded a Rick Bayless show all about ceviche. Needless to say, I was craving some more ceviche by Sunday morning. I may have even dreamed about it (ok, I definitely did). A trip to Dirk’s for some fresh halibut plus a stop at Stanley’s Fruit & Vegetables and I had everything I needed to make Rick Bayless’ classic ceviche (which he also demonstrated on his special). I halved the recipe , used a yellow onion (which I ended up picking out anyway because I dislike raw onions), used jalapenos and omitted the olive oil–turned out great!

My tips:

  • Make sure you get really fresh fish. I’m not sure I even trust Whole Foods on this. My distrust of raw fish from the supermarket has been the main reason I have never made ceviche before. Dirk’s is where its at.
  • Getting 3/4 cup of lime juice by hand is not easy. We went out and bought a juicer after the fact. It isn’t electric and its just the cone thing, but it really would have made the preparation much more pleasant.

CevicheStep 1: Squeeze a lot of limes and wait while it cures in the fridge

CevicheStep 2: Mix the rest of the ingredients in

CevicheStep 3: Enjoy!

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