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Brunch @ Longman & Eagle

Brunch @ Longman & Eaglecroque madame w/ duck egg sunny side up

Logan Square, I’m told, is an up and coming neighborhood now that Wicker Park and Bucktown have been properly gentrified (for you San Franciscans, imagine the Mission but inhabited by less obnoxious hipsters). When I first arrived in Chicago, there wasn’t much in this area beyond Subway sandwiches and a bunch of taquerias (good but I can’t eat that every day). Twenty months later, there are quite a few businesses. Longman & Eagle opened a few months ago and it is now one of my favorite places in the neighborhood for several reasons. First, the chef is obsessed with pork and offal (me too!). They also serve a great selection of whiskey and remind me of one of my favorite places in San Francisco (The Alembic).

Since opening night, we have had dinner there at least three times. However, I have a big soft spot for brunch and was super excited when I read that Longman & Eagle would be serving brunch (btw, Chicago is an amazing brunch town). It was a gorgeous weekend day so we walked over to Longman & Eagle to kick it off with some bloody marys and eggs. I had the croque madame with a sunny side up duck egg and he had a pork belly omelet. Mine was the winner but his was also very tasty too! Can’t wait to go back and try more.

Brunch @ Longman & Eaglepork belly omelet w/piquillo peppers & manchego cheese

Bleachers @ Wrigley

Unrelated, but a friend was in from out of town so we spent yesterday afternoon in the bleachers at Wrigley Field. Maybe next weekend, I’ll finally see the Sox.

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