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Empanadas w/Chimichurri

Baked Empanada w/chimichurri

Who doesn’t love meat pies? I did not make my own dough this time, but I certainly will next time. I considered using pizza dough for my empanadas (thus creating the empanada-calzone hybrid…the empazone? calzonada?), but found some frozen empanada dough (Goya discos) in the freezer section of the Latino market.

I basically winged it for the meat filling, cooking everything together before filling the empanadas (except for the cheese):

  • 1/2 lb. ground turkey (the other half of the package from when I made mapo tofu)
  • 3 small red potatoes, baked & chopped
  • handful green olives, chopped
  • handful of frozen white corn
  • half packet of taco seasoning
  • slice of queso fresco

Empanada Filling

This turned out to be enough filling for 6 large empanadas (the Goya discos come in large & small sizes…I bought the large). The first one I made was crimped like an Asian dumpling and I forgot to add the queso fresco. I don’t like to deep fry so I tried pan-frying in some olive oil. This resulted in uneven cooking of the crust but still tasted pretty good:

Fried Empanada

Next, I crimped the pies shut with a fork, brushed them with some olive oil and then baked at 350F until golden brown, which seemed to do the job. It took about 20-30 minutes to cook, I think (didn’t time it).



Finally, while the empanadas were baking, I whipped up a quick chimichurri sauce in the food processor. I followed this recipe except I didn’t have any red wine vinegar. Instead, I substituted apple cider vinegar, using only half of what was called for in the recipe. A tasty, albeit garlicky, accompaniment for the empanadas. The next day, we used the leftover chimichurri for scrambled eggs with leftover carnitas and potatoes.


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