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Mapo Tofu

Ma Po Tofu over brown rice

I think mapo tofu, a dish some Chinese friends introduced me to in college, is usually made with ground pork. However, I thought ground turkey might be a little healthier, so used that instead. I sauteed half a pound of ground turkey, threw in a container of cubed firm tofu (medium would have been better but the grocery store was out), and several large spoonfuls of hot soybean sauce (or mapo tofu sauce) to taste. I’ve used the square packages of mapo tofu mix before but prefer the jarred hot soybean sauce that my friend introduced me to. I’ve also used this to stir-fry eggplant, snow peas and tofu–yum!

Ma Po Tofu w/turkey

Brocolli & bamboo shoots in oyster sauce

I served the turkey mapo tofu over brown rice with a side of sauteed broccoli & bamboo shoots with garlic & oyster sauce. You’ll have to excuse the poor image quality as I only had my Blackberry for photos. Also, the brown rice is the frozen variety from Trader Joe’s that just requires 3 minutes of microwaving. I would normally make the rice myself but the rice cooker has moved down to Joel’s.

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