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Pizza Dough

Pizza Dough

The main reason I wanted a KitchenAid mixer was so that we could make our own pizza dough. The first time I tried to make it myself, I fried my $10 hand mixer. I also don’t enjoy kneading dough by hand. So, for a very long time, we bought our dough from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, which always annoyed me because pizza dough is so basic: flour, water, yeast, salt, and olive oil. So, I finally sucked it up and got myself a KitchenAid and as you all know, I couldn’t be more in love.

Pizza Dough“a wet and vaguely menacing mass” – Steingarten

Pizza Doughwaiting for the rise that never happened…it just kinda expanded sideways (like me)

I used Jeffrey Steingarten’s pizza dough recipe from the NY Times and followed it exactly. For some reason, my dough never rose but it didn’t seem to matter. The crust was even better than what we’d been buying at Trader Joe’s! Also, if you don’t have a pizza stone, I highly recommend you get one–its inexpensive and you won’t regret it! The first one we rolled was a bit too thin:

Pizza DoughA little thin, but still tasty

Pizza w/shrimp, sausage, kale & gardiniera
Topped with leftovers from shrimp & grits plus olive oil, gardiniera & quattro formaggio cheese

Pizza w/shrimp, sausage, kale & gardiniera

We were almost full so the next pizza was fairly small, but I wanted to see what happened if we left a slightly thicker crust. The results were awesome and we’ll roll our crusts a little thicker moving forward.

Pizza w/shrimp, sausage, kale & gardinieraPizza #2

We’ll definitely be using this pizza dough recipe again, but I’m going to try it with whole wheat flour next time. We washed it all down with a Cabernet Sauvignon from our most recent shipment from Joseph Phelps to celebrate the end of my second to last quarter of business school and my impending departure for Colombia (where I am now)!

Joseph Phelps Cabernet Sauvignon

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  1. April 12, 2010 at 7:28 am

    Oh cool, I’ll be making pizza soon, so I might use this pizza dough recipe that you’ve recommended ;]

    I like your ode to your KitchenAid over here, but I like your pizza toppings even more. Shrimp is tasty, I’ve noticed that there’s lots of shrimp in your foods as well. Great food!

  1. July 1, 2011 at 12:33 pm

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