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Chinese Sticky Rice & Vietnamese pickles

Chinese sticky rice

One of my favorite dim sum dishes is lotus-wrapped sticky rice (lo mai gai). Unfortunately, we don’t go out for dim sum very often here in Chicago. Why? Well, Chicago’s Chinese food just isn’t that great…in fact, it kind of sucks…especially compared to San Francisco, New York, and LA. Also, dim sum just isn’t that healthy so even when I lived in a city with great Chinese food, I wouldn’t let myself go very often (despite being in love with dumplings).

Chinese sticky rice

When I saw a recipe on Tiny Urban Kitchen for Chinese sticky rice, I knew this would satisfy my craving. Of course, I just used her recipe to learn how to make sticky rice (I thought it would be much harder since my mom always steamed sticky rice) and figure out the sauce. My version is quite bastardized because I used the adobo I’d made the night before as the basis for the meat. All I added to the adobo was shiitake mushrooms, ground dried shrimp (the local Mexican grocer didn’t have whole dried shrimp), and Tiny Urban Kitchen’s sauce. I had also bought Chinese sausage with the intention of chopping and mixing it in, but I got so excited by the simplicity of the sticky rice that I completely forgot. I also forgot that I’d made do chua to serve on the side!

Vietnamese pickled vegetables
Vietnamese pickled vegetables

I roughly followed this recipe using daikon and carrots shredded with my mom’s mandoline. After I made this, I talked to my dad, who suggested replacing some of the daikon with jicama for additional sweetness. Though I forgot to serve these veggies with the sticky rice, we’ll be using it for sandwiches and other rice dishes over the next month or so.

Postings will likely slow down for a bit as I am headed to Colombia in a few days and will be down there for two weeks. Gotta relish the grad student life as it is all coming to an end soon…

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