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“BBQ” Chicken Sandwiches w/coleslaw

"BBQ" Chicken Sandwiches

That’s right…another use for roast chicken. This inspiration came from many angles:

  • My friend sent me a picture of a Roli Roti porchetta sandwich from San Francisco’s Ferry Building market. Last time I was there, I had also wanted one of those, but was too hungry to wait in line (the story of my life).
  • I wanted to teach Joel how to roast a chicken. Since he works from home, it would make our lives easier if he knew how to get a roast chicken started. I also wanted to show him how simple and easy it is to do!
  • Craving Vietnamese sandwiches after reading this couple’s blog but had already bought a chicken to roast.
  • Read somewhere that Trader Joe’s now sold mini slider buns…we couldn’t find them at our location in Chicago but did find mini ciabatta rolls.
  • Wanted to see if I could make a coleslaw that didn’t suck…my mom and aunts used to make coleslaw for Thanksgiving but it was gross and sometimes featured raisins (blech!)


I made a coleslaw based on this recipe from All Recipes. Since we did our shopping at Trader Joe’s, we picked up a bag of shredded cabbage and another one of shredded carrots. I would have liked to do this myself on my mom’s mandoline, but that’s what was available. The adjustments I made:

  • Added shredded celery root instead of onions (I don’t like raw onions)
  • Used sesame seeds instead of poppy seeds (because that’s what we had). Made it taste Asian-y but I liked it.
  • Halved the sugar (I like the natural sweetness of vegetables)
  • Used apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar (again, what we had in the pantry)

The coleslaw turned out great…close to the KFC cole slaw that I grew up loving…yeah, comfort food.

Roast Chicken

Joel perfectly roasted his first chicken and learned how easy it was (whatever spices you want, 350F for 90 mins or 450F for 60 mins).


We pan-grilled some asparagus (olive oil, salt & pepper)–stinky pee be damned! And we shredded the chicken for the mini sandwiches:

"BBQ" Chicken Sandwiches

Toasted up the mini ciabatta rolls and assembled the sandwiches. Chicken, BBQ sauce, and coleslaw–yum!

"BBQ" Chicken Sandwiches

"BBQ" Chicken Sandwiches

Maybe next time we make these sandwiches with Vietnamese pickled vegetables instead of coleslaw…and add some pate 🙂 I’m also going to attempt making my own ciabatta sometime very soon…stay tuned.

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