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Breakfast Flop / Failed Frittata

Failed Fritatta/Spanish Tortilla

Pretty, isn’t it? What you can’t see is that it was still a little runny underneath, so when I tried to turn it over onto a plate like a Spanish tortilla, it all fell apart. I had to return it to a non-stick pan to turn it into scrambled eggs.

This was supposed to be a potato/spinach/ham/cheddar cheese frittata/tortilla-hybrid. However, mistakes are always learning opportunities. Now I know that mandolined potatoes stick together and I should probably slice them by hand so that they’re easier to work with. I should also cook it on the stovetop for a bit so that the bottom layers will set before I put it in the oven to broil.

Failed Fritatta/Spanish Tortilla5 eggs, a splash of milk, salt & pepper (could probably use one more egg next time)

Failed Fritatta/Spanish TortillaBetter layering between the potatoes with the egg would have helped bind it together a little better.

Failed Fritatta/Spanish Tortilla

It tasted good, but didn’t end up working out the way I had intended…this time. At least I FINALLY used the cast iron skillet I bought in NYC this summer…I lugged it from the Chelsea market all the way up to the Upper West Side and then hauled it back to Chicago with me!

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