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Pan-seared scallops (w/black pepper & parmesan spaghettini and sauteed napa cabbage)

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Seared scallops
Told you we’re on a seafood kick! Until very recently, I couldn’t eat cooked scallops. Not because I don’t love scallops, but because I had scallop overload during a two week work trip to the Boston area a few years back. Only recently have I gotten over this overindulgence (I also had a bout of vegetarianism in college due to an oversupply of bbq chicken one weekend).

We picked up 6 large scallops and a hunk of parmesan cheese from Dirk’s and had everything else we needed at home. Joel had accidentally bought napa cabbage instead of regular cabbage (which I was going to use to make slaw for the fish tacos but that would have been too much) so that was going to be our vegetable for the night.

We sauteed the 3 remaining strips of bacon (in retrospect, 3 was too much and 1, if any, would have been more than sufficient) and then sauteed the cabbage in the remaining fat. When the veggies were done cooking, we chopped the bacon and put it all back in.

Sauteed Napa Cabbage

For the spaghetti, we made a half portion of spaghetti with cheese & black pepper from Smitten Kitchen substituting whole wheat spaghettini–simply delicious. Joel has been in charge of the pastas lately and I think he’s getting more comfortable in the kitchen. In fact, our entire next meal (to be posted soon) was prepared solely by him.

Finally, when everything else was almost done cooking, I seasoned the scallops with salt & pepper (I was obsessed with making sure it was properly seared so I oversalted it a bit…now I know for next time). I pan-seared it according to Alton Brown’s recommendations cooking it on very high heat in butter & olive oil for 1.5 minutes on each side. They came out perfectly!

Seared scallops

Seared scallops

And there you have it–a quick, yummy dinner for two! Based on everything else on the plate, I would recommend only two large scallops per person. We each had a scallop leftover which Joel had for lunch over a spinach salad the next day.

Seared scallops

And finally, I am now the proud owner of a brand new KitchenAid mixer, thanks to my persistence on Craigslist:

SO EXCITED!! Now we can make our own pizza dough!!

Can’t wait to make our own pizza doughs!

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