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Fish & Shrimp Tacos

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Seafood Tacos

As previously mentioned, we’re making a conscious effort to cook more seafood…both as a learning experience and in an attempt to eat a bit healthier. I grew up eating a lot of seafood…because my parents are from a coastal country where seafood is plentiful and because my dad had a past life as a fisherman. Both of my parents loved seafood, so I grew up eating a lot of fried fish, salt & pepper shrimp, clay pot catfish (ca kho), sour fish soup (canh chua ca), and tamarind crab (cua rang me), to name a few. When I have cooked seafood, it has almost always been shrimp (which is easy to gauge doneness) or catfish (which is great in stews and difficult to overcook)…I’m a bit wary of undercooking my seafood yet abhor overcooked seafood. So I always just let the restaurants (or parents) do it for me. Fish tacos turned out to be a very simple first stab at seafood.

We had already made plans for fish tacos, so when a friend asked if we wanted to do another Mexican night, it was a done deal. She made delicious grapefruit margaritas, buffalo shrimp, and a celery/red pepper slaw for the first set of tacos. Basically, the shrimp were sauteed in equal parts butter & hot sauce:

Seafood Tacos

Joel made his world famous guacamole for us to munch on while we cooked:

Seafood Tacos

I made a simple green apple & cucumber salsa to go on top of the fish tacos (diced green apples, cucumbers, sugar, apple cider vinegar, and chopped cilantro). Yes, its very green…and next time, I would probably cut matchsticks so they stay in the tacos better:

Seafood Tacos

We used tilapia filets and sprinkled them with chili powder, salt & pepper before cooking them on the grill pan:

Seafood Tacos

Seafood Tacos

And there you have it…quick & easy shrimp & fish tacos.

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