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Roast Chicken Leftovers

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Dinner: Roast chicken, potatoes & brussels sprouts
I’ve been roasting a chicken approximately once a week. Why not? It’s so cheap, easy and delicious. Oh, and Ruhlman does it too. Of course, there’s always leftovers…what do I do with them?

Lunch: Roast chicken & whole wheat pasta saladPasta salad: chopped roast chicken quickly sauteed in some of its own fat tossed with whole wheat penne pasta, chopped spinach/parsley/carrots, quattro formaggio cheese, capers, mustard, cracked pepper, and wasabi mayonnaise.

Dinner: Rice Noodles in chicken brothRice stick noodles in chicken broth with spicy crab paste, egg, spinach, and roast chicken chunks.

BBQ Chicken PizzaPizza (of course!)

Spicy Peanut NoodlesSpicy peanut noodles

Chicken SoupChicken soup

Chicken salad on toastChicken salad: chopped roast chicken, chopped celery root, wasabi mayo, mustard, cracked pepper, and salt

Other things I’ve done but don’t have pictures for: fried rice, on top of cheesy toast (basically the picture above but toasted with melted cheese), on top of a leafy spinach salad, and dropped into instant noodles. The salads usually look something like this:

Pre-Super Bowl salad for lunch

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