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Spam & Kimchee Fried Rice

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Spam & Kimchee Fried Rice

When I was a kid, my uncle used to serve us Spam sandwiches–cold, gelatinous slices of spam sandwiched between two floppy pieces of Wonder Bread. No wonder I hated Spam! It wasn’t until post-college that I learned to love Spam. A roommate had made fried rice with it and I couldn’t believe how NOT DISGUSTING it was! In fact…I loved it. I now love fried slices of Spam over rice with a sunny-side up egg, Spam musubi, or pan-fried Spam marinated in sugar/mirin/soy sauce over rice. I wish I could eat it more often without affecting my health.

This is one of our favorite meals, tastes great the next day, and takes no time at all.

Spam & Kimchee Fried RiceCube your Spam (minus two slices which you can use over grits for breakfast). We use the low sodium variety.

Spam & Kimchee Fried RiceBrown the Spam (no need for oil since the Spam has its own)

Spam & Kimchee Fried RiceThrow in cooked rice (2 cups when dry). Traditionally, this is day-old rice. When I use fresh rice, I spread it out in a baking pan to cool/harden, or throw it into the freezer to quickly cool it down.

Spam & Kimchee Fried RiceBeat 2-3 eggs (depending on your preference and how dry/old the rice is). I sometimes pour in a little soy sauce, fish sauce, and/or mirin into the egg mixture.

Spam & Kimchee Fried RiceIncorporate the egg mixture

Spam & Kimchee Fried RiceToss in some chopped kimchee…pour in some of the juice if you want more flavor.

Spam & Kimchee Fried Rice

Maybe add some fried rice sprinkles for extra flavor

Spam & Kimchee Fried RiceWhen the egg is cooked, you’re done!

I love fried rice because its so quick and easy. I can make rice the night before and come home from work the next day and quickly have dinner ready. Its a great way to get rid of leftovers (sausages, roast chicken, any vegetables).

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