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Crab & Garlic Noodles

Back in San Francisco, my friends and I used to have a crab feed at least once a year. We’d lay out the checkered plastic tablecloth and hunker down over some steamed dungeness crabs. I was craving a taste of home, since the “-er” months are typically crab season.



Well, who knew it was so difficult to find dungeness crab out here in Chicago? I called around and found only one place, Dirk’s Fish, that sold them whole/live…but for $12.99/lb. I called my dad and learned that they are available in SF for $3.99/lb. That’s ~$20 more per crab here!!

So, when I got to the store, I decided on Stone Crab claws instead. Less work, more meat. I’ll wait til I’m home for Christmas to get some dungeness crab…plus my dad always cleans the meat for me! Mmmm brains.

And what goes well with crab? Garlic noodles (a la Crustacean/Thanh Long) and some vegetables, of course.

Stone Crab

Garlic noodles

The recipe for the garlic noodles was found on Rasa Malaysia. The only recipe adjustments I made: 1) used wheat spaghetti noodles rather than Chinese noodles. I slightly overcooked them so they had more of an Asian noodle texture. 2) threw in hot pepper flakes for some heat.

Crab & garlic noodles

I also roasted some cauliflower and leftover carrot sticks in the oven (salt, pepper, olive oil @ 350 until they’re cooked) and served the crab claws with a dipping sauce of salt, pepper, and lemon. Soooooo tasty!

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